Post Carbon Reader
Edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch, Watershed Media, 2010

Sandra’s chapter is titled Water: Adapting to a New Normal.

How do population, water, energy, food, and climate issues impact one another? What can we do to address one problem without making the others worse? The Post Carbon Readerfeatures essays by some of the world’s most provocative thinkers on the key issues shaping our new century, from renewable energy and urban agriculture to social justice and community resilience. This insightful collection takes a hard-nosed look at the interconnected threats of our global sustainability quandary and presents some of the most promising responses.Contributors include some of the world’s leading sustainability thinkers, including Sandra Postel, Bill McKibben, Richard Heinberg, Stephanie Mills, David Orr, Wes Jackson, Erika Allen, Gloria Flora, and dozens more.


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