Rivers for Life (co-authored with Brian Richter), Island Press, 2003

Postel and Richter provide a compelling case for new approaches to preserve and restore natural river flows — the patterns of flow that freshwater speciesdepend upon and that provide valuable ecosystem services. Rivers for Life is the first book to synthesize the science and policy of river flow management. It provides a rich collection of ideas, case studies, and examples of how to reform the use and management of rivers for the greater social good. 

“…a clarion call to society for the need to balance human demands with the needs of our world’s rivers, the arterial system of life on this planet.” — Mike Dombeck, Chief Emeritus of the U.S. Forest Service

“If you read one book on river ecology and management this year, Postel and Richter’s should be it.”
— Conservation in Practice

“…very well written, scientifically sound, and compelling in its message. A must read for all readers, but especially for those involved in water resources, hydrology, and ecosystem management. SUMMING UP: Essential. All levels.” — Choice, March 2004

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