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Water: The Stuff of Life

BBC Newshour

Sandra Postel joins an international panel of water experts to discuss the dimensions of global water risks and what it will take to build water security.

Freshwater Under Threat

Sandra Postel discusses threats to freshwater in the United States and around the globe, as well as the effect climate change is having on our water supply.  Later in the show, she is joined by Abbie Gascho Landis to talk about the importance of, and threats to, freshwater mussels.

Photo: Cheryl Zook/National Geographic



Nat Geo Blog: Water Currents

Sandra hosts and is a regular contributor to National Geographic’s blog Water Currents. Her blogs cover many topics related to freshwater challenges.


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More Media:

The journal Science conducted a Q&A with Sandra about Replenish, and published this Podcast.

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