Pillar of Sand: Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?
W.W. Norton,1999

Irrigation has been a powerful tool of human advancement for 6,000 years. In Pillar of Sand, author Sandra Postel examines the challenges to our modern irrigation society – from mounting water scarcity and salinization of soils to rising tensions between countries over shared rivers. She shows how innovative technologies and strategies can improve irrigation’s sustainability and alleviate hunger and environmental stress at the same time.

“Postel gives a lucid and authoritative account of humanity’s dwindling supply of fresh water and what to do about the shortage before it causes dangerous social and economic problems worldwide.” — E. O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned Harvard biologist, in selecting Pillar of Sands, one of his three favorite books of the year for the Washington Post (Dec 2000).

Postel’s Pillar of Sand “has a global focus that…gives her a perspective that is almost breathtaking.” — Molly Ivins, syndicated columnist.

To date, Pillar of Sand has been selected for course use at more than 130 colleges and universities.

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